Silent Grief Conference

Our yearly Silent Grief Conference is about breaking the silence to pregnancy and infant loss/es, such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies, IVF, abortion, still born, early infant loss. Whether you have had a pregnancy/infant loss or not, grieving and supporting women and men to grieve is important. Truly inspirational women are silent no more. They will be giving words to their losses and grief.

Silent Grief is more common when it comes to pregnancy loss than we realise. It remains one of the biggest kept secrets of motherhood; not to mention fathers who are quiet often are the forgotten ones.

Pregnancy and infant loss when unresolved can impact various areas of our lives and those close to us.

It is more difficult when we are facing a pregnancy loss, because there is no body, funeral, graveside ceremony, even if you get to experience all these when there is a loss, grief lingers, the sorrow doesn’t leave you alone, we go to bed with it and we get up with it. Life will never be the same, not only are we grieving a loss/es, our dreams died, grief lingers because we are dealing with sorrow, unlived tomorrows, disappointment, anger, sometimes we carry guilt and shame, anger the list goes on. Some people are very new to experiencing grief/complex grief for others they may have been carrying grief for many years, grief is on a continuum and is different for everyone.

God wants us to lighten out load, to face our sorrow, denial and dismissal are not part of God’s grief therapy.

This day conference each year explore what grief looks like, the impact of unresolved grief, what to say and do and what not to say and do, the importance of grieving whilst giving hope.

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Silent Grief Conference 2018

This year’s theme is “Seasons of Grief,” the seasons of grief do not follow a strict linear pattern, grief is messy. Grief is not a problem we solve or we just “get over”, there is no time frame and different for everyone. Weather may abruptly change or unseasonal conditions may remain for an extended period of time. We may have wintry days in spring and it may rain a lot in summer. But we may also have unseasonably hot days in autumn and bright, hopeful days in Winter.

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