Reviews from Group Counselling Training

Group Counselling Training, it is a highly unique experience in several ways by welcoming Counsellors, Pastors, Therapist or lay people interested in deep wellness and richer relationships where everyone will contribute and experience the group as both a client and as a counsellor. Everyone will have the opportunity to counsel and be counselled, to learn equally. The teaching and learning curriculum content is delivered completely live – to find out more about the Group Counselling Training click here. Here is what some people have to say about their experience:

After doing it the first time, my children were so affected that they asked and encouraged me to do it again.  They said that it not only changed me but also changed them and the way the whole family works.

I couldn’t recommend the group counselling course more highly. It’s not just for people who feel they need counselling, or those who’d like to learn to counsel others, but mostly for those who‘d like to grow in authentic and whole relationships. My marriage, professional relationships, family and view of the world has benefited enormously from this course. It’s an absolute must for people wanting to live life fully – it’s completely life-giving, challenging and rewarding. That’s my take on it anyway and I’ve done the course three times, so far.

See you there 🙂

I have loved every single session and think I could quite easily become addicted. I would love my husband to do it and would highly recommend it to all of my Christian friends, church members and family. I don’t think that it’s ‘only’ for people who want to become counsellors. I think it’s helpful for all people.

I decided to do the course, because my husband and I have been through a very rocky journey – and our past year of counselling with the facilitator has been unlike any other counselling we’ve ever done. It’s been wonderful and God has healed us and brought restoration that we could have only dreamed of. Because of our journey – people often ask us questions or refer other friends in similar predicaments to us – I felt that doing this course might help to guide me and give me some tools to handle those situations better. I certainly had no interest in becoming a counsellor.

Throughout the course, I had an increased revelation about our sin nature as human beings. Somehow, I had previously believed that we were all born good and when we exhibited bad behaviour it was coming from somewhere broken, but it isn’t who we really are. We are good. Made in God’s image. Throughout my counselling journey with the facilitator, and consolidated a LOT in the course, I realised that we are born sinful. And we are completely incapable of any 100% pure good. There will always be a shadow of sin – even if we are blind to it – until heaven. Therefore – sin is not quite so confronting. If you are sinful and I am sinful – and completely depraved – then it’s not so shocking when we do see it. We can expect to find it around every corner. Something about this revelation has brought me great comfort – because I used to be so shocked by people’s sin – or the sin that had been committed against them – that I had no framework to deal with it. I am now far less shocked or worried about seeing people’s sin.

I really loved the model the facilitator used – in which someone volunteers to be counselled using real issues and concerns… volunteering to be vulnerable. Someone else is appointed their counsellor. And the rest of us get to observe. Then the facilitator pauses the session at times to explain to everyone (including the two people engaged in the counselling session) what is going on, or why something appears to be happening, etc. etc. This ‘third person analysis’ or whatever it is, is very powerful. The person sitting in the chair being counselled has no idea about what strategies they are employing to avoid the real issue – but it’s being discussed right in front of them in real time. It’s amazing. It’s not confrontational. But it’s very confronting. And the atmosphere is one of love. Everyone is there to learn and grow, be vulnerable, and help one another towards healing and wholeness with the Gospel at the very centre. It’s a phenomenal thing. I feel as if this is the kind of thing we should be able to do at home with our families, in churches, in coffee shops with our friends, etc.! The intimacy of our group was incredible. I felt such love, trust and connection with each person. It was a very special group to be a part of.

I learnt that the way I was communicating was keeping me trapped and alone, preventing me from connecting with others and developing close relationships. I practised honesty with myself and the group, which resulted in building authentic personal relationships – there are people in the world who care and want to know about me and my opinion! I believe truth and intimacy with others heals – I am dealing with and not alone in my pain. I loved watching others grow and was excited by my own growth. And I’m looking forward to doing the course again next term. Thank you, for providing a safe and respectful environment for this to happen, and for the facilitator’s truthful insight and kind guidance.

He was an excellent facilitator/ leader. He has so much love in his eyes that just spills out. So although his knowledge or instruction/ teaching could be considered very strong – it didn’t feel judgmental or harsh. There was lots of kindness. The facilitator LOVES it and it’s really evident that he is enjoying himself. He is completely present and doesn’t disengage from us at any point. He is never on devices or referring to notes. He is connected and present. He is incredibly wise and handles very delicate or sensitive issues with sometimes unusual, but certainly effective ways. His spontaneity and lack of structure works really well in this course as it allows room for the Holy Spirit to lead, and makes room for people’s own readiness to share or particular needs to be met. It was fluid and free. The facilitator didn’t do a whole lot of ‘standing up the front and teaching’. Almost none in fact. But I didn’t feel that it was required. I felt as if we learned sooooooo much more through observing and practicing than we ever could have taken in through being taught.

I think that my own personal growth and spiritual growth has been accelerated through doing this course and I cannot wait to do it again!

Initially, going along to the live counselling course was one of the scariest things I’ve done, (my stomach would be in knots!!) but ended up being one of the most rewarding, life changing experiences.

Most of the group I was involved in knew each other already (which I thought would make it easier), BUT it was actually very hard being really REAL with people who you are “nicey, nicey” with.

I was encouraged to get REAL in a safe, confidential environment, in a group that that respected my vulnerabilities about my past and present, and ‘forced’ me to deal with wrong patterns and unsafe relationships in my life.

The facilitator’s guidance of the group was amazingly insightful and made me dig deep and face up to issues in my life, but also gave me the courage to stand up and BE ME!!!, (Wow, did I actually write that!). No more hiding!!!

I first started group in July 2016

My first night I came not knowing at all what to expect! I was so petrified, my hands where shaking and I was scared to talk to anyone! We all sat down in a circle and the facilitator introduced himself and explained what it was about. I came back the next week to start what would be a changing point in my life.  The unique setting of listening to others tell there stories was something that would help unlock many years of stuffed-down emotions.  I kind of knew what I had lived through was bad but it was like someone else’s story, not me, and when I heard others tell their story and how horrible and sad it was, it made me see that was what I should feel for myself, but instead I would always laugh it off and keep on smiling!  I’ve done a few groups now.  The last few years have been very painful, but rewarding at the same time and the freedom that comes when we see evil for what it really is very surprising!  I’ve made some amazing friends and I love doing group still because there is always more to learn about myself.  But what I also love is how it has helped me to love others where they are at and not judge where I would think they should be!!  Still on the Journey.  I’m thankful to the facilitator for pushing me past my barriers and for believing in me!!  I highly recommend the group if you really want to change.  It’s not easy but it is good.

God used the facilitator to completely change my life last year during the group counselling sessions I attended. I have had a lifetime of pushing pain away and pretending everything was ok, I’ve never wanted to engage with my hurt. During the group session, God revealed to me my immense pride.  Since then I’ve been allowing God to show me the areas of my life that hurt and I’m not suppressing the pain. I’ve been crying heaps. This is a breakthrough for me as I’ve not cried for many years. I’m becoming emotionally engaged and can feel again ~ perhaps for the first time in 30 years.

Thank you for so much! For showing kindness, care and for pushing me to be real and truthful!! It has been one of the best things I have done to help dig deep and really deal with the pain from the past. But also find God again!! And for that I am eternally grateful. And I am looking forward to what God has installed for the future!! Thanks again.

Have you ever sat through a sermon, attended a lecture or completed a course where you wished so-and-so was there to hear what was being said? This is one of those situations, but the ‘so-and-so’ is every adult I can think of! I know one couple who have done it twice, at least two other people who enrolled in both the morning and night groups so they got a double dose, and everyone in my group seems really enthusiastic about how it has helped them. From drug addicts to doctors of psychology no one will go away untouched.

How can I summarise the benefits I have received from this course? Imagine that my behavior is like a tree, with every leaf being a certain through or action. I often find myself perplexed when I think about the leaves that have grown on my tree – where did that come from? Why did I respond like that? That’s not what I expected! I love it when complex systems have become so much more understandable because I’ve been enlightened to some important principles. This course has given me some keys to trace back from the leaves through the branches, through the limbs, through the trunk down to the roots. This course is not psychology with a Christian component, it unearths the incredibly profound spiritual truths that operate in our roots. Yes, the leaves at the top of the tree tell us about the soil deep down at the roots if only we know what we are looking for. How exciting, how terrifying! How rich are God’s mercies, His grace, His love.

I have a renewed appreciation for the pain, the anguish, and the suffering that we mortals both endure and perpetrate on others. I am also much more aware of the ‘pain covering’ strategies which we develop in ignorance, or perhaps defiance, of the healing God wants us to know. $500 is nothing compared to the revelations I have received about the human condition, I will never view human behavior, or God’s redemptive work, the same again. I highly recommend this course to you.

Q – What was the most significant effective result of this format of counselling training?
A – Truth
Q – What was the most significant result of this facilitator/s model / approach / style?
A – Freedom
Q – What was the most significant aspect that you felt limited the potential of the whole experience?
A – Mans nature
Q – Does this training provide enough; a) Biblical b) Theoretical c) Practical Knowledge to be useful to you personally and professionally? Please comment on each of these aspects:
A – I think there was an excellent balance of the three aspects mentioned
Q – What would take this training to the next level, or b e the natural next step for a follow-up group?
A – More time is the only thing which would enhance the experience. Deeper trust and connections enabling increased vulnerability and sharing. I can’t think of any formalised structure which would help enable this.
Q – Please comment on; a) Site b) Refreshments c) Facilitator/s d) Administration
A – Facilitator A+
Q – What would you want to say to people considering signing up to this course in the future?
A – Make time, beg borrow or steal the money and do it.