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Managing Director / Christian Counsellor

Lyn Varty

Lyn is a well sought-after Christian Counsellor and Managing Director of Connections Counselling Perth. Lyn has over 30 years’ experience helping people through difficult and complex life circumstances. Lyn brings a wealth of personal and professional experience into a therapeutic setting. She has studied extensively and is best known for her work in neglect, abuse and all forms of pregnancy loss including abortion. Her clients describe her as very compassionate, genuine, insightful and is committed to helping people through life’s difficulties. Lyn strives to conduct herself in a professional and ethical way. Lyn also manages and coordinates Hope Alive Australia and New Zealand; founded Pause Retreats.


She finds it extremely beneficial and vital to take time out, to pause, to nourish her physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Lyn is continuing her journey while learning and growing in how to practice the presence of God, being still and hearing God’s gentle still voice.

Lyn has been married for over 41 years with two children and three grandchildren. She loves walking, jigsaw puzzles, hanging out with friends, family and playing with her grandchildren.


She has Diploma in Counselling, and provides individual and group supervision.




Kristy Felsea

Kristy is passionate about people, their uniqueness and the journey that they are on. She has 14 years of experience as Psychologist and comes from an eclectic approach that is Christian and client centred. She provides a safe space for her clients to explore, discover, learn and grow through the difficulties that life brings; creating an environment to do so through her warmth, compassionate, and genuine interest to every individual.


She is zealous about working with families, in particular couples, parents, children, adolescents and young adults and holds a special interest in grief counselling, relationship counselling, challenges around change, impact of faith and reaching the person’s unique potential to live life to the fullest.


Kristy is a Registered Psychologist with postgraduate qualifications in Grief & Palliative Care Counselling, Counselling Bereaved Children, along with modules in Art & Expressive Therapy. She is a member of Australian Psychological Society (APS).


Life Coach

Geoff Walker

Geoff has over 21 years’ experience helping people through difficult and complex life circumstances. He is passionate to help with addiction, relationship breakdown and problems. Geoff brings and integrates his love and experience of being a farmer into his life coaching in a creative and very practical caring way.


In 2000, Geoff left farming to train in the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation field, living and working at rehabilitation centres. This has given him incredible experience in conflict management, healing for sexual abuse, trauma, and building strong mental health. Geoff is a compassionate and is equipped to offer seasoned, faith-based life coaching.

Peter Jenner Connections Counselling Perth-300x300

Life Coach

Peter Jenner

Peter has over 9 years of experience helping people in many areas of their lives and circumstances. He has devoted the last 6 years helping people with addiction and other life controlling issues. 

He spent 5 years working in Rehabilitation Centres which enabled him to gain extensive experience in conflict management, healing from abuse and trauma, and enabling people to restore and rebuild their lives. 


In addition to experience with individuals, Peter has extensive background with couples, relationships, mediation and reconciliation. He has facilitated marriage and parenting courses and helped people to restore broken relationships that seemed beyond repair. 

He is an empathetic, faith-based life coach who brings a wealth of experience to his clients. Married for 26 years and has 2 adult children; he brings and integrates his love for people and family into a practical, relational style of life coaching. 


Peter has a Diploma in Applied Social Science and continues to study in the related field.



Denise Bath

Denise has 21 years of extensive experience counselling children and working with families in need. As a woman of faith, Denise, with God, joins clients on their healing journey to assist them to discover, accept and find solutions to resolve what is impacting them or their families.


She is a genuine, resilient lady with a love and passion for working with children and families.


Denise has a Bachelor in Social Science, Graduate Diploma in Human Service and Master of Arts in Human Service Counselling. She is a member of Australia Counsellors Association (ACA).




Janine Luzi

Janine has a proven exemplary result in Christian counselling as she works for more than 10 years in a range of areas including trauma, abuse, addiction, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, identity and relationships. She has an integrative approach, according to individual needs, while working collaboratively, navigating through life’s difficulties across diverse cultural backgrounds.


She is warm, genuine and open, with a passionate and committed approach to facilitating hope and restoration of individual lives.


Janine has earned a Bachelor in Family Therapy, Master Counselling, Expressive Therapies in Sandplay and Symbol Work. She is a member of Australia Counsellors Association (ACA).



Aksana Sutherland

Aksana believes the most effective counselling is based on a trusting therapeutic relationship. She hopes to provide you with a safe and supportive space whilst working together to explore the challenges you come into session with. Aksana’s methods are tailored to each client; this is carried out by considering a range of theoretical and practical methods whilst considering any spiritual context.


Aksana has an interest in improving communication and exploring relationship stressors with experience working with teens, adults, older adults, couples, and families. Aksana is familiar with supporting those with complex trauma, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, substance use, grief and loss, as well as experience working with perpetrators of family and domestic violence.


Aksana has practiced in outreach, community, and prison settings; working with individuals as well as facilitating larger groups. Aksana is a Registered Psychologist with nine years of experience working in the field of mental health. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) with additional qualifications in youth work, mental health and is currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Couples and Family Counselling. 



 Aimee Crook

Aimee has over a decade of experience in supporting people working through addiction, mental health, trauma, abuse, grief, and loss. Married for 14 years, Mum to 4 children, and she has many years of volunteer work for a variety of local and international charities and ministries.  Aimee is a compassionate, relational and genuine counsellor with a Christ centred approach to all of life.

She has a passion to hear and understand individual’s stories and walk alongside them as they navigate their way through life’s complex difficulties.

Aimee has a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling) and a member of the ACA.