How Depression Affects Society

I wonder if you are truly aware of the impact that depression has on our society? Here are some staggering statistics from the World Health Organisation, for more information, check out the Australian Psychology Society.

Although remarkable advances have been made in the detection and management of mood disorders over the last decade, the increasing worldwide prevalence of depression continues to challenge researchers and clinicians alike. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that by 2030, depression will account for the highest level of disability accorded any physical or mental disorder in the world (WHO, 2008). In Australia, significant levels of depression affect approximately 20 per cent of adults either directly or indirectly during their lifetime, with almost twice as many women diagnosed with the disorder compared to men. Depression also runs in families, with risk of depression increasing with every first degree relative affected by the disorder. Up to 80 per cent of suicides are reported to be preceded by a mood disorder, and depression is associated with higher rates of death and disability from cardiovascular disease (Frassure-Smith & Lesperence, 1995), diabetes (Eaton, 2002) and cancer (Massie, 2004).

Depression is now recognised as a disability in Australia and the Government is doing a lot to help. If you or someone you love is affected by depression, I encourage you to seek help and reach out to someone you feel comfortable with.

Have a blessed day.