What does Depression look like? It may surprise you…

Sometimes when we think of depression we think of sad, crying, huddled up on the couch individuals who show us that they are physically depressed. And whilst some people feel comfortable to show this around their loved ones, it is definitely not what Depression always looks like. As mentioned in our last post on depression, people can wear masks and quite often, depression can look like a smiling, happy face of an individual who seems to be just fine!

That’s right, you could be talking to someone who is smiling and “happy” and not have a clue that they are fighting with depression and perhaps even other stuff like suicidal ideation, obsessive compulsive disorder or anxiety.

Handsome smiling unshaven young man in a t-shirt standing against a clean blackboard with copyspace , head and shoulders portrait

Did you know this is the face of depression too?

If you are that person, if you put on that face and smile and say everything is fine, I want to encourage you to let someone in to help you with your battle, you do  not have to do it alone! There is support!

If you know someone who seems fine but you think they look as though they are struggling, ask again, it is that simple. I recently had a friend ask me “are you okay?” I said “Yeah I’m good” she could sense something was wrong because I had been a little distant, she simply said “really, are you okay? This was all I needed to say, “I’m having a hard day” and that made such a big difference for me.

For more information on signs of depression, click here.

Have a blessed week, don’t struggle alone, don’t give up.