You know someone who suffers from depression, even if you don’t think you do…

Depression is: QUIET. It can affect anyone, anyone can fall victim to it and you would not even know.

Much like a mask, people can hide their depression behind a smile. They can answer your “how are you?” question with “yeah good thanks, how are you?” and you wouldn’t even think twice!

Disguising depression is EASY, and you may never detect it in someone else, only YOU might detect it in yourself, the cheerier you are, the less anyone will suspect you are suffering from depression! But, it can not be hidden forever, everyone reaches a breaking point. But that is not okay! There is support and people who love you! There are people who UNDERSTAND. You are precious! You are loved! You are not alone!

This is a great clip called “I had a black dog, his name is depression”. Check it out and if you can identify with any of it, we encourage you to take down your mask and seek support.