Genesis 2, (Our Story continued) 6 Week course

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Genesis 2, (Our Story continued) 6 Week course

Genesis 2, (Our Story continued) 6 Week course


9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Fremantle Church/Connections Counselling Perth
32 Holdsworth Street


Please note: Prerequisite Genesis 1

Stories connect the past and present to the future. Understanding and knowing our story can have life-shaping meaning impacting future generations awaken their potential and leaving a legacy for the future. Let me tell you a story: “In the beginning God . . . ” That is the opening line of the story of God’s relationship with his creation. It is the story by which all other stories, including our individual stories, are to be understood.

During this six-week group therapy you will have the opportunity to continue to write and share your adult life story. Look at tragic triangles, trauma, tracing triggers, contribution, guilt, shame and blame and to see God’s hand in your story.

It is in the power of our story that transforms our life’s experiences that gives meaning to whatever pain and suffering we have endured. It is the redemptive power of the gospel that we have hope and a future.

It also includes psychoeducational and practical tools to equip you to continue to help your grow and change.

This course will be available at Fremantle and possibly at South Perth on a Saturday.

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