Do you long to:

  • have authentic, truthful relationships

  • know who you are, your gifts, talents, and blueprint

  • understand why you feel a sense of doom, a dark cloud over your life

  • stop the repetitive unhealthy patterns and cycles in your life

  • understand why you have an over-reaction to certain things

  • understand why people manipulate you

  • have closer intimate relationships

  • be heard and seen

  • be assertive

  • enhance your parenting skills

  • learn how to grieve

  • learn how to forgive

  • stop outbursts of anger and rage


If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions, book a one-hour consultation to learn more about Hope Alive Group Therapy today.



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Why Consider Doing Hope Alive Group Therapy?

  • Hope Alive Group Therapy is evidence based for outcomes.

  • Opportunity to learn, grow, mature, heal and to prevent and stop generational and unhealthy patterns in one's life.

  • There is no other group therapy that takes a person deeper or treats the deep complexities of childhood abuse, neglect, trauma and unresolved grief/loss.

  • It is financially economical and efficient.

  • More affordable than individual counselling.

  • Payment plan offered.


Hope Alive Group Therapy bringing:

  • Hope where there is despair

  • Forgiveness where there is hurt

  • Joy where there is grief